Y O G A – C H A L L E N G E – 1 0 8

108 sun salutations: ritual for the change of seasons: winter solstice and bringing on the New Year

Why 108?
108 chapters in the Rig Veda
108 Upanishads
108 Marma points in the body (acupuncture points)
108 primary Tantras
Distance that connects the sun, the moon, and the earth

How will it work:
4 rounds of 27 sun salutations
Round 1: Dedicate this round to yourself, to anything you are working on
Round 2: Dedicate to family, friends, or anyone you have unresolved issues with or wish you could connect with more
Round 3: Dedicate to the world, healing, peace, love in general
Round 4: Dedicated to your higher source, whoever or whatever that means to you

After each round we will do a position:
Round 1: Tree Pose, no swaying just open heart with slight back bend
Round 2: Garudasana, Eagle pose – purpose to stretch the shoulder blades
Round 3:  Dancers Pose – slight back bend, strong intention
Round 4: on mat, Janu sirsasana, twist, happy baby pose, savasana

Beginning mediation with be standing up and more of a introduction of breath via the three chambers of the lungs.
Ending mediation on mat with Gayatri Mantra as closing

Total approx. time: 2 hours 30 minutes- 9:30 to 12 Saturday December 23, 2017

PRICE: 250:-

Min: 10 participants Max: 18 participants

Teacher: Erika Bandy

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